Iotized Vowels

Iotized Vowels

Hello everyone, 

another set of Korean letters is here and this time we are about to add Iotized Vowels! How are we going to do it? Pretty simple, we are going to add an extra dash to get the "y" sound.

Here is the list of all four Iotized Vowels:

Regards to pronunciation - please, refer to my Instagram page or click on each letter below and swipe left for audio sound:

In the previous time, we have learned basic vowel such as "A" = 아 

However, If we want to achieve the Iotized vowel such as "YA" = , then we are simply going to add one extra line - from  (a) to 야 (ya) and that's about it! The same follows for the other 3 letters as well! .)

Thank you for today's quick lesson - next time we are going to move to Diphthongs - don't worry, it's easier than it sounds.

Don't forget to train those new letters and as always, have a good day!


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