Final Consonants

Final Consonants

Today we are going to continue with another set of Korean alphabet called: Final Consonantsts 

Here is the list of all Final Consonants:

Regards to pronunciation - please, refer to my Instagram page or click on each letter below and swipe left for audio sound:

We are going to move further with the pronunciation as Korean only has a few possible sounds at the end of a syllable, which means that some of the consonants' pronunciations change. When followed by a vowel, final consonants (except ㅇ and ㅎ) move to the start of the next syllable. Consonants revert back to their original pronunciations and pairs are split, allowing both to be pronounced. ㅇ does not move, and ㅎ disappears before a vowel. Tense consonants (ㄲ, ㅆ) are not pairs. In the first row of the pictures, you may see the ending letter. However, the second row is how do these letters sound in the end - Duolingo, which is one of my sources for Korean languages studies calls it the final sound.

This is for today's quick lesson - hope you like it even we have a lot of new combinations and pronunciations for today! Alright, let's meet each other for a penultimate lesson about Assimilation - we are almost done with Korean letters - keep it up! :)

Also, please, don't forget to train those new letters on daily basis!

Have a nice day!


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