Today we are going to continue with another set of Korean alphabet called: Assimilation

Here is the list of all Assimilation:

Regards to pronunciation - please, refer to my Instagram page or click on each letter below and swipe left for audio sound:

In today's quick lesson, we have another set of Korean alphabet combinations and their pronunciation, Many consonants change their pronunciations when a consonant at the end of one syllable influences or is influenced by the consonant at the start of the next. In the first row (in the picture above), there is a possible situation. The second row represents the pronunciation and the third row is an example of such a situation. Don't forget nasal sounds: ㄴ, ㅁ, final ㅇ

This is it for today's quick lesson - hope you like it and let's meet each other in the final alphabet lesson, where we are going to have a summary of all Korean letters!

Don't forget to train those new letters and pronunciations on daily basis!

Have a nice day!


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