Don't in the Korean language

Don't in the Korean language

Hello everyone,
today we are going to learn how do we say "don't" in the Korean language - let's go straight to the topic with the following example and use:

Let's explore the word: , which means DO - all we need to do is to remove the part "" and add the "지마" so we gain a new word: 지마, which stands for; Don’t do it - 하지마 (hajama).

Also, don't forget to a polite version which is also available for Korean don't word - again, let's use the example above where did we learn a new word: 하지마 (hajima). To make it polite we just need to add "세요", so we gain a polite way of Don't do it: 하지마세요 (ha-ji-ma-se-yo).

That's it - let's continue with my favorite Korean (don't) words below.

How to say Don't in the Korean language:

I believe, with this list of verbs we are capable to express our "don't" in many ways and situations. 

Thank you for today's lesson, and enjoy your well-deserved holidays! :)

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