I'm the Diamond - Poem by: Gwang Jin

I'm the Diamond 

Good day everyone! :)

Today, I would like to share with you a poem, written by Gwang Jin. I heard this poem during the Kdrama called: Itaewon Class available on Netflix, which I recommend to everyone to watch, as its truly inspiring series.

...so is the poem below which I somehow related to:

I'm the Diamond

"I’m a rock. 
Go ahead and sear me. 
 I won’t budge an inch because I’m a rock. 
Go ahead and beat me up. 
I’m a solid rock. 
Go ahead and leave me in the darkness. 
I’m a rock that will shine all alone. 
I don’t break, I don’t burn, nor do I decay, as I go against nature’s way. 
I survive. 
I’m a diamond."

By: Gwang Jin

나는 돌덩이

나는 돌덩이
뜨겁게 지져봐라
나는 움직이지 않는 돌덩이.

거세게 때려봐라
나는 단단한 돌덩이.

깊은 어둠에 가둬봐라
나는 홀로 빛나는 돌덩이.

부서지고 재가되고 썩어 버리는
섭리마저 거부하리.

살아남은 나
나는 다이아


I hope you like both the English and Korean versions. Yes, they are slightly different in the translation, but beautiful both ways.

Have a nice day and as always don't forget to train daily via Instagram or Duolingo app.

Thank you, take care and see you next time! :)


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  1. One of the most inspiring sequences I've seen in 47+ years of watching TV shows! Gwang Jin's poem resonates like Sylvester Stallone's speech from "Rocky Balboa." Itaewon Class made the perfect decision to use this poem to help people fight against discrimination, racism, or anyone who dares to knock someone down or stand in anyone's way! Be a Diamond.