Name: Alice
Score: 8/10
Memo: "생일 축하합니다"

Name: All of Us Are Dead
Name: Angel's Last Mission: Love
Score: 8/10
Memo: "Ballet is so beautiful."

Score: 9/10
Memo: "Family above everything."

Name: Extracurricular
Score: 9/10
Memo: "The bad*** Korean high school series."

Name: Hotel del Luna
Score: 9/10
Memo: "IU."

Name: It's Okay to Not Be Okay
Score: 10/10
Memo: "Gorgeous."

Name: Mad for Each Other
Score: 10/10
Memo: "The best duo who I have ever seen."

Name: Nevertheless
Score: 9/10
Memo: "Beautiful soundtrack."

Name: Oh My Ghost
Name: Squid Game
Score: 9/10
Memo: "Squid Game."

Name: Start-Up
Score: 9/10
Memo: "Red Velvet."

Name: The Uncanny Counter
Score: 9/10
Memo: "Kim Sejeong, do I need to type more?"


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