Name: Alice
Score: 8/10
Memo: "생일 축하합니다"

Name: All of Us Are Dead
Name: Angel's Last Mission: Love
Score: 8/10
Memo: "Ballet is so beautiful."

Score: 9/10
Memo: "Family above everything."

Name: Business Proposal

Name: Extracurricular
Score: 9/10
Memo: "The bad*** Korean high school series."

Name: Extraordinary Attorney Woo
Score: 9/10
Memo: "The first autistic Korean lawyer, who is in love with whales."

Name: Glitch
Score: 7/10
Memo: "…a little bit of everything."

Name: Gyeongseong Creature
Score: 9/10
Memo: "한소희"

Name: Hierarchy
Score: 9/10
Memo: "Learn how to face responsibility."

Name: Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Name: Hotel del Luna
Score: 9/10
Memo: "IU."

Name: Itaewon Class
Score: 9/10
Memo: "Inspiration."

Name: It's Okay to Not Be Okay
Score: 10/10
Memo: "Gorgeous."

Name: King the Land
Score: 8/10
Memo: "The middle was lacking..."

Name: Little Women
Score: 9/10
Memo: "Twist on twist on the twist."

Name: Juvenile Justice
Score: 8/10
Memo: "Sometimes, justice is not enough."

Name: Mad for Each Other
Score: 10/10
Memo: "The best duo I have ever seen."

Name: My Demon
Score: 9/10
Memo: "What a beautiful cast."

Name: My Mister

Name: Nevertheless
Score: 9/10
Memo: "Beautiful soundtrack."

Name: Oh My Ghost
Score: 9/10
Memo: "I wish I could help."

Name: Our Beloved Summer
Score: 9/10
Memo: "Christmas Tree by V, put this show to another level."

Name: Romance Is a Bonus Book
Score: 10/10
Memo: "It's sad and beautiful."

Name: Sell Your Haunted House
Score: 8/10

Name: Somebody
Score: 9/10

Name: Squid Game
Score: 9/10
Memo: "Squid Game."

Name: Start-Up
Score: 9/10
Memo: "Red Velvet."

Name: The 8 Show
Score: 9/10
Memo: "Brutal."

Name: The Glory
Score: 8/10
Memo: "…not so satisfying revenge."

Name: The Interest of Love
Score: 9/10
Memo: "The police trainee was so unnecessary."

Name: The Uncanny Counter (Part 1)
Score: 9/10
Memo: "Kim Sejeong, do I need to type more?"

Name: Thirty Nine
Score: 10/10
Memo: "The last episode is: try to not cry challenge when everyone fails."

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