Korean age

Korean age

Good day everyone, 

today we are going to learn about the Korean age, which is not the same as we know from our international age system. Also, age, in general, is very important in Korea due to addressing people accordingly with the correct level of politeness. The Korean age system is always one or two more years than our international age - let's have a look at few examples calculated to the year 2021! :)

Let's say, that you were born on December 15th, 1990. This means, that your international age is 30 and if we add two more years than in this case we have the Korean age: 32 (yup, not a big win to be older as we know, but in Korea, it's actually beneficial and even more respectful).

To summarize an example above:

International age; 30
Korea age; 32

...we are adding two more years (in this case).

Let's move to another example and calculate your own Korean age! :)

What is your Korean age?

Here is a list of a few examples below:

Born in:       International age:           Korean age:
1920             100                                      102
1930             90                                       92
1940             80                                       82
1950             70                                       72
1960             60                                       62
1970             50                                       52
1980             40                                       42
1990             30                                       32
2000            20                                       22
2010             10                                         12

...as we may see, those were the examples when we are adding two more years, but how about the situation when it's just one more year? 

If our birthday has passed this year already, then we add 1 more year to our Korean age. If our Birthday has not passed this year yet, then we add 2 more years to our age to get the Korean one! That's it for today's quick lesson! :)

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Thank you and enjoy your day! :)


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