Website update summary

Website update summary

Good day everyone, 

today's post is going to be for summarizing new sections within this website. There has been a lot of actualization lately in all sections across the whole web.

Feel free to review this summary, to find out what we have learned so far:

Alphabet - we are able to use all Korean letters.
Body Parts - we are able to name our body parts in Korean.
Colors - we are able to recognize most of the colors and much more.
Phrases - we have learned over 60 common and advance phrases.
Sentences ...and we have learned over 20 sentences which we may use on daily basis as well.
Vocabulary - supported by 80 words, when do we grow with this summary every day!

On this website, there is an "Extra" secret tab - related to the Korean age and Korean Swear Words. I hope you will not use any swear words, but still - there may be a situation where you may use this knowledge to your advantage (if someone else will use it! :))

Anyway, thank you for your support on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram - more to come!

In the meantime, don't forget to train daily via my Instagram or Duolingo app!

Thank you and enjoy your day! :)


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