Good day everyone,

Today, I would like to present a new website change that is related to the documentation and to my source of how I'm learning Korean daily.

I'm still improving my Korean language via the Duolingo app - over 600 days now! :) However, the more I continue to study the more I realize that one of my biggest improvement is coming from the Korean drama industry, which I find on Netflix.

I highly recommend you to do the same, even if you may not the be fun of Kdramas. It does improve your listening skill and understanding of the Korean language in general. To be honest, it's a game changer when you don't have 친구 / someone to speak to you in Korean. The more you surrender yourself via the language you are aiming for, the better progress/outcome you are going to have.

Since I'm quite fun of Kdramas, I decide it deserves its own section on the website - available here:

…which I'm going to update every time I finish another drama.

So far, there are over 20+ K-dramas with my personal rating, links, and memos. Feel free to review it on your own and maybe you find something interesting for you too - or, probably you have already seen some (all?) of them too! :))

That's it for today's update - thank you for your support, and as always don't forget to watch your daily Kdramas series and train via Instagram or Duolingo app!

Thank you and enjoy your day.

Take care! :)


Updated: 08/05/2022 (DD/MM/YYYY) 

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