MAMA 2022

MAMA 2022

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Today is going to be slightly different as this post is not related to a Korean study, but more to Korean culture. In fact, the music industry in Korea is truly worldwide and impossible to miss while studying the Korean language. It has a huge influence and I believe a lot of foreigners started to study Korean because of this fact - called: Kpop and their idol groups.

What is MAMA?

It evocates to mother - but no - it stands for Mnet Asian Music Awards, which was on November 29, 2022. It is a major music award ceremony presented annually. Mnet is the South Korean music television owned by CJ E&M, a division of CJ ENM, part of CJ Group. Also, Mnet is hosting a lot of events, including stages for Kpop idols to present their music comebacks and more. 

Basically, it's a huge music awards show where all the popular Kpop celebrities perform their biggest hits, which they try to put to the next level for the MAMA show.

Kpop Groups

There were so many groups and amazing moments which I would like to share with you. Unfortunately, I'm not able to summarize the whole event in one post, thus feel free to review them all on YouTube afterward by searching tag: MAMA 2022. 

What I would like to share is a list of my favorite groups which I'm literally in love with a short comment under each of the videos - let's go! :)

[2022 MAMA] BIBI - BIBI Vengeance | Mnet 221129 방송

Bibi is my favorite artist in the Kpop world by far. I love everything about her: visual is incredible, vocal range is unbelievable, she is sexy and cute at the same time and I love her murdering music videos, especially when she is covered in blood. ...that escalated quickly! :)) 

Anyway, she had to censor this amazing track which I kinda understand. However, I think there was a moment when she still said it (나쁜) - no judge.

[2022 MAMA] IVE&Kep1er&NMIXX&LESSERAFIM&NewJeans-ELEVEN+WADADA+O.O+FEARLESS+Hypeboy | Mnet 221129 방송

This video follows a dancing countdown trend, popular all around the world, performed by idols from five different groups.

[2022 MAMA] (G)I-DLE - MY BAG | Mnet 221130 방송

Soyeon (소연) with her piano and rap intro is just phenomenal.

[2022 MAMA] JEON SOMI X LEEJUNG LEE - Worldwide Fans' Choice 후보곡 | Mnet 221129 방송

This video is a summary of everything (2022) in the Kpop industry and an amazing dancing show.

[2022 MAMA] LE SSERAFIM - ANTIFRAGILE | Mnet 221129 방송

I'm in love with this group so much. Le Sserafim, New Jeans, and Aespa, these are my favorite Kpop groups for being unique and fresh.

[2022 MAMA] j-hope - MORE + Arson | Mnet 221130 방송

I'm not a BTS fan, and I like their two songs (Fake Love, I need U), but this is something else and I kinda like the dark vibe that j-hope brings to his songs, respect.

[2022 MAMA] NewJeans - Cookie+Attention+Hurt+Hype boy (MAMA ver.) | Mnet 221130 방송

NewJeans, they are simply fresh with a great new sound. I wish them a long career and I believe, they did deserve to win even more awards (including this year).

[2022 MAMA] NMIXX - DICE | Mnet 221129 방송

NMIXX has the best song twists with amazing vocalists and dance performances - they are just the whole package.

…as you can see - I'm in love with a lot of groups above and even more! I consider myself a member of multifandom. Also, this helps with my motivation to Korean study thanks to all the energy from the idol's performance.

Who wins the award?

There are multiple awards per category presented in the MAMA show - here is the list for 2022:

  • Artist of the Year – BTS
  • Album of the Year – BTS – Proof
  • Icon of the Year – BTS
  • Best Male Group – BTS
  • Best Female Group – Blackpink
  • Best Male Artist – Lim Young-woong
  • Best Female Artist – Nayeon
  • Best Dance Performance – Male Group – Seventeen – "Hot"
  • Best Dance Performance – Female Group – Ive – "Love Dive"
  • Best Dance Performance – Solo – Psy – "That That" (ft. Suga)
  • Best Vocal Performance – Solo – ♥ Taeyeon ♥ – "INVU"
  • Best Vocal Performance – Group – Big Bang – "Still Life"
  • Best Collaboration – Psy and Suga – "That That"
  • Best New Male Artist – Xdinary Heroes
  • Best New Female Artist – Ive
  • Best OST – MeloMance – "Love, Maybe" (Business Proposal)
  • Best HipHop & Urban Music – Jay Park – "Ganadara" (ft. IU)
  • Best Band Performance – Xdinary Heroes – "Happy Death Day"
  • Best Music Video – Blackpink – "Pink Venom"
  • Song of the Year – Ive – "Love Dive"

Congratulations to all winners?!

What is your favorite Kpop Group?
Please, let us know in the comments below! :)

That's it for today's post. In case, you would like to see more videos from the Kpop world - feel free to check: Korean Video of the Month

Have a nice day and don't forget to train daily via Instagram or Duolingo app.

Thank you and see you next time! :)


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