What is new?

What is new?

Good day, everyone :)

It's been a long time since my last post has been uploaded - let's fix it and provide you new info on what is going on and what is new on the page: Korean Language Daily.

The KoreanLanguageDaily has added another social media platform to its account - that's YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/@koreanlanguagedaily

…with a new focus and highlights on YouTube Kpop idols shorts videos.

I have already created over 10videos in the past 3 weeks - please, feel free to have a look at them:

As you can see the variety of Kpop stand is large as its being focused on multifandom idols and groups.

In case, you are interested in Kpop music and their culture, feel free to subscribe - it is definitely worth it and it does not take much time to review, while all the videos do includes subtitles so on top of that you may learn a word or two :)

Kpop groups:

·         (G)I-DLE

·         ENHYPEN

·         KIM SEJEONG

·         SUNMI

·         2NE1

·         EVERGLOW

·         KOALA

·         TAEMIN

·         4MINUTE

·         EXO

·         KWON EUN BI

·         TAEYEON

·         A.C.E

·         fromis_9

·         LE SSERAFIM

·         THE BOYZ

·         aespa

·         Gaho

·         LEE HI

·         TIFFANY

·         Agust D

·         GAIN

·         LISA

·         TWICE

·         AOA

·         G-DRAGON

·         LOONA

·         TXT

·         ASTRO

·         GOT the Beat

·         MILLI

·         Weeekly

·         ATEEZ

·         IZ*ONE

·         MINNIE

·         WINTER

·         B.I

·         J.Y.Park

·         NCT U

·         WOO JIN YOUNG

·         BABYMONSTER 

·         Jay Park

·         NewJeans

·         woo!ah!

·         BIBI

·         JEON SOMI

·         NMIXX

·         WOODZ

·         BIGBANG

·         Jessi

·         PIXY

·         XG

·         BLACKPINK

·         j-hope

·         PURPLE KISS

·         YEJI

·         BLOO

·         JIHYO

·         Red Velvet

·         YENA

·         BoA

·         Jimin

·         Rocket Punch

·         YEZI

·         BOBBY

·         JUNGKOOK

·         ROSÉ

·         YOOHYEON

·         BTS

·         KAI

·         SEULGI

·         YOUNHA

·         BVNDIT 

·         KARD

·         SONG MINHO

·         YUGI

·         CL

·         Kep1er

·         STAYC

·         YUJIN

·         CLC

·         KEY

·         Stray Kids

·         ZICO

There is a quite a few of them - I believe, everyone can pick their favorite and theoretically, if some group is missing, feel free to request it under the YT video - in the comments sections - looking forward to meeting you there! 

Another platform that is running is Instagram with over 724 posts already - wow, we have learned a lot of words, phrases, and sentences while there is still plenty ahead.

Then we also have Twitter and Facebook - stable, mostly copying Instagram posts and summarizing some of the events across the platforms.

Let's not forget to Duolingo app, where I have over 900 days of pure study dedicated to the Korean Language and I still love it, every single day.

On top of all these socials, I'm summarizing all kdramas, music, study, and more here on the website KoreanLanguageDaily.com

Feel free to review all these taps and more as they are being updated on a weekly basis.

The Korean Language Daily network is getting bigger and bigger every day. I hope you find additional YouTube channel entertaining and as always, thank you for your support and united determination for the Korean language and everything connected to it; 사랑해

Have a nice day and don't forget to train daily.

Thank you and see you next time! :)


Updated: 23/04/2023 (DD/MM/YYYY) 

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